Monday, September 12, 2016

Blue Lagoon Meets Melanin Magic!

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Growing up, one of my favorite movies was The Blue Lagoon. Although, I was quite young when it was released, it was the first love story I was ever exposed to and it is still an endearing part of my childhood. This movie came to mind a few months ago, and I had the crazy idea to do a photographic remake, with a twist...we added a touch of melanin magic! So we invited Reggie (Mr. ADONIS 2016, view link here) and up and coming model, Simone to join us for a day trip on-location to a beautiful waterfall, to shoot a remix of the first love story I ever watched. Now let the adventures begin!

We had a pretty steep slope to travel to get down to the location where we would be shooting, and we KNEW we would have a hard hill to climb to get back out, but while we were there we would enjoy our time and make things happen. One of the many things I love about being a part of this husband and wife visionary team, is the magical moment when my husband is able to capture my vision at the exact angle. Actually, this happens pretty often. I realize sometimes the ideas I create in my mind are a bit of a stretch, but when it all comes together, it is so exciting to watch unfold. We just make a really great team!

Enjoy some of these fabulous pics from our day shoot and be sure to check out the "Behind the Scenes" link below!


Needless to say, the shoot turned out AMAZING! Yes, the elements were quite a challenge to overcome, but the beautiful ambiance and breathtaking natural backdrop made it all well worth it. We were even able to capture some behind the scenes footage of our day, from watching our glam squad leader, Tynita Lee (check out her Instagram page) transform Simone, to witnessing what really happens when the flash stops. 

(Catch a peek at some of the fun that happened behind the scenes... Just click HERE!)

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