Monday, March 30, 2020

Higher Vibes

“May your vibes shift the whole damn frequency of the room when you walk in.”

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Before I sat down to pen this post, I knew I first had to prepare my mind and soul and set some necessary intentions. When I do this with consistency, I am always assured that my efforts are not in vain and that our work will be relevant and will reach the intended audience. So I carved out some time on a Sunday afternoon for some “ME” time. I needed an opportunity to relax and connect. So I ran a hot bubble bath with some salts and essential oils. I lit a blue candle that smelled amazing to help me create a relaxed, calm and peaceful atmosphere. I made myself a cup of hot green tea with a little cinnamon, ginger, turmeric and honey. I turned off the lights and turned on some sounds of nature... the sound of a stream rushing over rocks, the sound of the ocean as it caresses the shore and the sound of a steady rain falling to the earth. It was a cleansing for my soul. I sipped my tea as I drank from the cup of peace that had filled my sanctuary. I honor my bath time ritual, because it gives me what I need to recharge my spirit. When I emerged an hour later, I felt almost weightless and I knew that I was ready to write. 

A few years ago, I officially crowned myself the “Selfie Queen” (wink). The count of selfies I have in my arsenal are nothing short of excessive. I take them often even if I am just storing them away for later use. Best believe I am always locked and loaded! Anyhow, I get amused when I see people on social media become irritated about selfies and complain and spew negativity at people who post them. I usually sense there is a lot in play behind their comments, so if you love to take selfies and this is also your experience, here are a couple of things I want you to keep in mind:

         1. If they were truly happy with who they are they wouldn’t harbor those types of emotions about YOU. 
         2. Never allow a low vibrational character to influence how or when you indulge in self-love. 

When you are experiencing harmonious alignment and you move about life with powerful energetic flow and positivity, you activate your aura and it is so illuminated that you instinctively draw others to you... the sweet and the not so sweet. Although the negative attention and energy can be draining, you have to vibrate higher, because they have a purpose in your growth as well. You are changing and transitioning to a place of focus and awareness of your own unique individuality and ability to think and decide. You are now beautifully and effortlessly you and your transformation is evident. Others won’t be able to detect exactly what is different about you, but your confidence, your creativity, your compassion, your contentment, your overall evolution will be undeniable. You will forgive like it is restoration for your soul. Your authenticity will cause your skin to glow. You will drip radiance, beauty and inner-strength like honey from a hive, and with the powerful energy of the universe you will thrive. You will begin to vibrate at higher levels of gratitude, you will appreciate your solitude, you will master your thoughts and emotions, and you will embrace everything that makes you feel magical. You will love on yourself without apology and you will adore all of those moments that make you smile. 

Now joining us as the muse for this concept we called “Higher Vibes” is none other than Brandi. Brandi is a whole entire mood and she definitely served us good vibes with her work on this project. We are super pleased to present “Higher Vibes” the concept to all of you. Enjoy!

"Behind the Scenes" 


Tynita Lee
Booking Info:
Instagram: @makeup_by_tynita

Concept Creator & Stylist: 
Angela Ponder

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Until next time, Peace, Love and Light!

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