Tuesday, August 22, 2017

A Beautiful Oasis...

The beauty of nature is an awesome wonder with its lush gardens, watery landscapes and breathtaking views. So there is probably no wonder why the TEAM has an affinity for photographing subjects in or around water, and especially in a natural environment. Well, last summer we stumbled upon a hideaway that we knew we would one day like to use as a location for a concept shoot. We made a mental note of the location that day, and here we are one year later, FINALLY getting the opportunity to shoot there. It was an amazing backdrop to compliment our vision for an oasis-themed concept shoot!

As we began pulling together ideas at the start of 2017, I reached out to Shay, because I knew I could count on her adventurous spirit to help breathe life into what initially began as a glamorous session by the pool. I was super excited when she accepted! However, mid-stream (no pun) and in our true creative fashion, we changed it up and decided to move the session to the spot we found and favored last summer. She was totally ok with the last minute adjustment and it turned out to be absolutely perfect!

Here is just a glimpse of that beautiful day. Enjoy!

MUA: Tynita Lee
Booking Info:

Makeup by Tynita on Schedulicity.com
Instagram: @makeupbytynita

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