Monday, October 1, 2018

Love, Life and Sunsets...

Greetings Readers!

We are back with yet another fun concept shoot, and as always, the storyteller RETURNS!

We recently had the pleasure of working with our friend Asia and her boo, Ryan for a concept shoot that had not yet been named. For the FIRST TIME EVER, I had scheduled a session and had it completely developed in my head, but on the day of shooting, had no idea what I would call it. I began to panic and try to think creatively on the fly, but nothing came to mind. I was having a mental block, something that rarely happens to me. I knew that if I focused on it too much it would distract me and stress me out, so I let it go. We will revisit the title later...

Anyhow, so it was a very warm summer day. Did I say it was warm? Just in case, let me reiterate that it was a WARM summer day! It was just before sunset, but still early enough to capture some of the sun's rays in our shots. Our location takes us out to the lake... now if you know the TEAM you know we LOVE to shoot near water, so we were totally in our element! Now just a bit of background, we have worked with Asia on several projects before, but this was our first time ever working with Ryan. Then we found out that this was his VERY FIRST photo shoot! Understanding how nervous he may be, I wanted to make sure he was comfortable and good to go when we began. We are a pretty laid back pair and most of our clients usually settle their nerves once we get started. Ryan was no different. He actually seemed really chill and easy going the entire time. 

The concept centered around just a few of the sweetest things we enjoy as human beings: love, life, serenity, peace and beautiful sunsets. They made this session SO easy and the vibe was amazing! They came out looking like they were fresh from a magazine cover shoot! Please check out a few sample images from the shoot appropriately titled, "Love, Life and Sunsets... "

MUA: Tynita Lee
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Makeup by Tynita on

Instagram: @makeup_by_tynita

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Until next time, Peace, Love and Light!
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