Saturday, November 17, 2018

The Naughty Scholar

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Let's just be honest... we all have that side of us that we hide from others. The side that is not for everyone to see. We may not admit it openly, but it's there. Sometimes we refer to it as our alter ego, or "other self" whom we become when we want to shed the layer we show to the world. Our alter ego is the persona we create based on the characteristics we designate for ourselves. We can define how our alter ego thinks and behaves on our own terms and with no restrictions. Well in this case, our concept focuses on the private side of the nerdy girl... the proficient scholar who is always getting things done publicly, but deep down really wants to show off her bad girl side. So who says you can't be both? 

There is such a social stigma attached to nerdy girls (or should I say "good girls") who just want to flex a little bit of sass and you know what I say? To hell with your social stigma! It all really boils down to people's misconception based on how they feel about themselves in comparison to the way a woman presents herself. The preconceived notions people develop because they are uncomfortable in their own skin is a personal problem and will not stop us from living exactly the way we want to live. Oh and for the record, NO we don't think we are better than you. NO we are not worried about what you think of us (we honestly don't care). NO we are not secretly sexual deviants or sexually repressed. NO we are not missing out on life. NO we are not squares or goodie two shoes. NO everything in our lives isn't perfect, NO we do not have it all together and NO we do not stand in judgment of you. As a matter of fact, it is generally the other way around. YES we're uber intelligent. YES we're sexy. YES we hang out with other women who are NOTHING like us (and we actually enjoy the girlfriend time), and YES we are normal human beings who simply like to brag on our brain and flex our girl power! 

Now that you know just a LITTLE bit about us, allow me to present to you our model Shay, the "Nerdy girl who came to Slay," in our feature concept, The Naughty Scholar

MUA: Tynita Lee
Booking Info:
Makeup by Tynita on

Instagram: @makeup_by_tynita

Concept Creator & Stylist: Angela Ponder

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