Saturday, March 2, 2019

High Maintenance

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Let's get into a controversial topic about women. Women come in all different flavors... there are those who keep it all the way natural with their hair, face, nails, etc. You have those who have a modified natural look, maybe with just natural hair OR a natural face OR natural nails OR some combination. Then there are those some would consider "High Maintenance." They stay with their hair laid, make-up beat, nails on point and wardrobe fly. When a woman is seen as high maintenance, to some, she may immediately be seen as difficult, needy, and a woman of extravagant tastes and unreasonably high expectations. This is a negative perspective and for those of us who live the life, this assessment could not be further from the truth. It's true that a high maintenance woman likes to maintain... her hair, her nails, her wardrobe, her skin care and cosmetics, her social activities and her freedom to be exactly who she wants to be. What it does not mean is that she is a diva who expects anyone else to provide the financing to support her habits, nor does it mean that she has nothing more to offer. 

There is always an exception to the rule, but you miss out on getting to know a really cool chick having those predetermined assumptions. A woman like this cannot be lumped into one category. She is too versatile for that. She is classy and well-groomed at ALL times, yes. She stays at the salon and rarely is anything about her out of place. She is also confident and commands attention the moment she walks into a room. She is intentional in the way she moves and everything about her is effortless and undeniable. She is ambitious, intelligent and decisive. She is both admired and resented for being so.

A high maintenance woman can make other women feel uncomfortable in her presence, simply because she will cause them to reflect and realize they need to step their game up. She can even be a little intimidating for men who do not have their own ish together. One thing is for certain and two things for sure, before you approach a woman you deem as "high maintenance" (and TRUST, you have already figured it out long before the thought came to mind), you better come correct with goals and great conversation. She will not let you waste her time and she is emotionally stable enough to walk away if what you are offering does not serve a productive purpose. It just is what it is, but isn't the goal to be successful in your life anyway? 

Introducing Brandi B, our model for the "High Maintenance Concept Shoot".  Brandi was perfect for our first concept of 2019, because she is not only beautiful, but she exhibits a cool confidence and she was just a great match for the vibe we were trying to create. Brandi has also helped us officially announce our "Alter-Ego' sessions NOW AVAILABLE for booking!

Announcing "Alter-Ego" Sessions NOW AVAILABLE for booking!

Special acknowledgement to Keith Jordan, owner and operator of Sambukka's Barber and Styling Studio in Antioch, TN for allowing us the opportunity to stage our concept at his location. 

Tynita Lee
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Makeup by Tynita on

Instagram: @makeup_by_tynita

Concept Creator & Stylist: 
Angela Ponder

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