Saturday, February 8, 2020

Full Moon

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I honestly believe that I have become obsessed with full moons. Each and every time I get the chance to see that amazing, hypnotic glow, I am absolutely elated. My only thought is that I just want to absorb every ounce of its power. I marvel in it! As much as I enjoy a beautiful sunrise or a breath-taking sunset, there is nothing quite as awe-inspiring for me as the peaceful and majestic moon. Such a strong energetic force, the manificent moon pulls and tugs on the ocean waves as the ebb and flow movement it creates caresses the sand on the shore. Can you imagine that kind of control?

The energy of the full moon with it's luminous light, influences every aspect of our existence and induces physiological changes within us. It can help enhance our creativity and provide the perfect atmosphere for setting intentions and experiencing divine manifestations. Lunar energy also heightens our physical and emotional activities as well. It stimulates feelings of sadness (be really mindful of this one because depression is real), it stirs feelings of intense love and euphoria, and it increases feelings of sensuality and passion. It is believed that the moon has mood-altering capability and I am of the mindset to believe it.

So this concept was an idea of mine long before we knew there would be a full moon in the sky on the night of the shoot. I really didn't know where we would go with the final work, I just knew I was in search of something very alluring, very sexy, very sensual, and very passionate as the end result. It just so happens, on the way to our destination that night, I looked up in the sky and saw a stunning full moon. I decided at that moment, this concept was more than just a notion. I suddenly became fully engaged with bringing every aspect of this amorous session to life. Once again, we had the awesome opportunity to work with Ryan and Asia, who are always brave enough to trust my vision. I'm a little out there ya'll... it takes a special kind. Presenting our concept, "Full Moon." We hope you enjoy our work!

The "Full Moon" Concept 
Behind the Scenes


Tynita Lee
Booking Info:
Makeup by Tynita on
Instagram: @makeup_by_tynita

Concept Creator & Stylist: 
Angela Ponder

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